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Kaushik Das

Data Protection Fallacies in India

The development of Artificial Intelligence, 5G networks with high-speed data transfers, storage of digital files, digital healthcare, are some of the multitudes of developments appearing in waves globally as technology is found and improved upon. Therein, one of the key considerations globally is the provisions of a sufficient cover for the protection of an individual’s data. 

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Rohit M

Environment gets

the boot

After 2016, 2020 has become the hottest year in recorded history. Temperatures in the coldest edges of the world rose up by as much as 10-degree Celsius. 

Environmentalists celebrate the disaster for ‘helping’ the natural world, it must be recognized that this is nothing more than an artificial condition, and a very short one at that. 

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Kunal Panda

The Factory of Freedom: Liberalism and the Rule of Law

The advent of pre-capitalist structures in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries created the modern state marked by features of international competition against a common objective of an amalgamated imperialist Empire, the interest in the accumulation of wealth, and population growth and management, which also served as the requisite for the rise of biopolitics. 



Shivangi Kanaujia



Gowtham Srinivas

Covid-19 through the lens of gender

Consequent lockdowns and the prevailing atmosphere of economic instability are not only accelerating the rise in exploitation and discrimination of people with certain sexual orientations but also marks the reversal of most of the gains that these communities have made in the last century. 

Caste: A non-factual observational review of caste from the eyes of a Tamil Brahmin Male

It is not utopian.

It’s a long process but we can speed it up. 

Every generation makes vast changes to the society that they take over. The India our parents inherited post-independence is nothing like India today.

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