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Centre for International Relations & Strategic Studies

Embarking on a transformative journey, the Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies (CIRSS) serves as a beacon in the dynamic realm of international affairs. In an era witnessing a heightened awareness of international relations, our youth-led organization pioneers a platform that transcends traditional boundaries.

Our mission is to reshape the narrative surrounding global events, domestic influences, and the nuanced fabric of comparative politics. We stand as advocates for a contemporary perspective in international relations, seeking initiative-driven youth to propel our vision forward.


As torchbearers of this golden era in international affairs, we seek initiative-laden youth to contribute to our goal of cultivating a contemporary perspective in international relations. Through a focus on research and events, we aim to elevate the organization and empower our members with the credibility to be recognized on the global stage.


We envision a future where international relations is not just an academic pursuit but a catalyst for positive global impact, and we aim to position ourselves as leaders, empowering our generation with the responsibility to navigate and shape the complex landscape of international relations.

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Our Team

Program Lead


Kusuma, is one of the most dedicated people, currently pursuing her master's in international affairs from O.P. Jindal Global University, and has been highly intrigued by international relations, regional analysis, and cross-cultural communication. 

Research Associate:

Guncha is a driven student, proficient in articulating thoughts through writing and speaking. Committed to positive change, she has gained experience and motivation to explore the realm of international relations and politics.

Present Interns:

Research: Jameela Rizwan' Naisha Khan'  Kritika Sharma
Design: Ipsha

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