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Centre for Innovation & Sustainability

The Centre for Innovation & Sustainability (CIS) emerges as a pivotal force within the Public Policy vertical at Project Statecraft, embodying a commitment to dynamic progress and change.


At its essence, CIS seeks to harness the enthusiasm and intellectual diversity of college students, irrespective of their field, fostering an environment where passion converges with productivity


CIS is dedicated to cultivating an environment that stimulates dynamic learning and problem-solving, encouraging young minds to actively participate in shaping the future.


Empowering the next generation, our mission is to usher in a wave of fresh initiatives that not only expand the horizons of Innovation & Sustainability but also offer a diverse set of experiential opportunities for our interns.


To lead the discourse on initiatives and measures to tackle pressing environmental challenges, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient world.

Through these efforts, we aim to inspire a sense of responsibility and commitment to sustainable practices among our peers and the broader community.

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Contact Us

We are a hub of dynamic initiatives, actively engaging in collaborative projects and research papers at the intersection of innovation and sustainability.


Our centre thrives on partnerships that drive impactful change. For internship opportunities and collaboration inquiries, please reach out to us at

Our Team

Program Lead

Meet Ishika, the dynamic leader at the core of CIS, showcasing unwavering commitment and resilience. As a third-year Economics student at Delhi University, she brings remarkable talents and dedication, addressing challenges with poise and crafting innovative solutions—a perfect team player and inspirational leader.

Research Associate:

Saumya, with a keen interest in economics, sustainability, research, and data analysis, brings a unique blend of analytical prowess to our team. Outside of her professional pursuits, she enjoys unwinding through a passion for movies and shows.

Cohort of Interns:

Research: Nandini Tyagi, Tanya Wahi
Design: Gunjan Rajgadkar⁩ 

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