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We are looking to build solid value-based partnerships with educational institutions, student organizations, clubs, chapters, social organizations, CSRs, and companies. We wish to collaborate with these organizations such that we exemplify the youth engagement through our initiatives and events.


We aim to empower young people such that they are able to identify their problems, voice them out, and take positive steps towards solving them.

We are looking to build Research, Education, Social Media, and Events based partnerships with educational institutions and organizations.

Partnership Goals:

  • Youth outreach: Building a network of youth leaders consisting of student leaders heading student organizations such as clubs, chapters, youth organizations, and startups for enhanced sharing of outcomes and opportunities.

  • Youth assistance: Connecting young people with opportunities that could assist them in improving their quality of life through government support in terms of academics, careers, and interests. 

  • Youth empowerment: Empowering the students and young professionals with tools and skills that help them identify the problems around them, voice their concerns out, and take steps towards solving these problems.

  • Youth awareness: Making more people aware of the awaited opportunities for them through student communities in schools and colleges.

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