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Project Statecraft is a nonpartisan youth led policy think tank working in the field of global affairs and governance to produce truthful and equitable research.


We, at Project Statecraft  aim to build an ecosystem which would encourage the youth to carry out research and participate in deliberations and discussion in order to motivate and contrive change.


Every one in two Indians belongs to the youth, and yet policy-making is predominantly sequestered from this cohort in our country. We believe that the youth needs to be empowered with vital skills to conduct effective research, and share innovative ideas.


Students would acquire knowledge and skills necessary for policy analysis, and policy-making through our publications, events, and workshops. We aim to provide opportunities that capacitate the students to grow academically, socially, and culturally.


Our team strives to produce academic publications in the form of papers, reports, policy briefs, opinion editorials, and blogs which stir debate and demand policy action. Our events, and publications edify the masses about government policies, and instances that shape our surroundings.


Our publications are instrumental in our team’s attempt to advocate concrete policy action that they believe in and the world needs.




The Global Monitor

We apprise our readers about major developments around the globe in the form of a bulletin. 


We produce quality academic content in the form of papers, reports, policy briefs, opinion editorials, and blogs. The publications related to global affairs are geographically segregated, while on governance are segregated by the genre of the issue.


We inspire policy debate, and deliberation at the seminars, webinars, and workshops that we organize in order to encourage youth participation in policy analysis, and policy-making. Our team works to deliver quality training to teach research, and writing while motivating, and inculcating learning on an array of subjects ranging from global politics to public policy in India.


Our Team

Shivank, the Co-Founder of Project Statecraft is the navigator and also the visionary for the think tank. His punctilious personality and the determination to achieve perfection at all costs make him the steadfast leader that the tank needs. With his unwavering commitment, workaholic nature, a talent for research, and exceptional oratory, Shivank leads Project Statecraft as the Executive Vice President. 

Shivangi Kanaujia

Director, Research

Gowtham Srinivas

Director, Research

and Design

Rohit M

Director, Research

Krishna Kataria

Director, Research

Aditi Agarwal

Research Associate

Abhishek, the Founder of Project Statecraft is the man behind the foundational idea and working of the think tank. His aptitude for problem-solving, managerial proficiency, a flair for global affairs and public policy, and exceptional people skills make him the perfect leader for our youth-led think tank. With a knack for research and an instinct for organizational management, Abhishek also serves as the President for Project Statecraft.

Akshit is the technological virtuoso and a source of constant motivation for the think tank. His exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to understand his peers make him extremely efficient, he is the indispensable part of our think tank’s governing triad. With his ability to work smart and hard, along with a calm and composed persona in the face of adversity, Akshit serves as the Vice President of Technology.

Kaushik Das

Director, Research

Vandhana R

Director, Research

Ryan Mehran

Director, Design

Nandita Ghosh

Research Associate

Shreyas Ashok Kumar

Director, Research

Saharsh Panjwani

Director, Research

Guillem Gonzalez Carrasco

Research Associate

Udit Malik

Director, Research

Shivangi Singh

Director, Research

Kunal Panda

Research Intern

Aditi Hari Ramani

Research Associate

Saloni Killedar

Research Associate

Nidhi Menon

Research Associate

Sanaa Munjal

Research Intern

Shivank Singh Chauhan


Abhishek Sudke


Akshit Aryan


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