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A Tryst with Statecraft

A Project Statecraft Podcast

Episode 1: The Future of Palestine

Israel - UAE Pace Deal or the Abraham Accords and USA's Vision for Peace could have potentially paved the path for peace amongst the regional powers of the Middle East, however it comes at the cost of Palestinians and their future remains hazy and uncertain

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Episode 2: Evolving Power Dynamics in Asia-Pacific

In the second episode of A Tryst with Statecraft, we dive into the evolving power dynamics in the Asia-Pacific, and more specifically Indo-Pacific and the future of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) with Professor Harsh V. Pant, Professor of International Relations in the Defence Studies Department and the India Institute at King’s College, London. He is the Director, Studies and the Head of Strategic Studies Programme at the Observer Research Foundation in New Delhi and Abhishek Sudke, President of Project Statecraft.   

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Episode 3: Big Picture Economics of India

In the third episode of A Tryst with Statecraft, we explore the future of the Indian Economy from various lenses while specifically focussing on the welfare schemes and growth equation for the country's future.  In conversation with Mr. Dhiraj Nayyar, Director of Economics and Policy at Vedanta Resources, and their former Chief Economist, Abhishek Sudke and Vandhana Ramesh dive into the depts of India's development woes and explore the means of building back better. 

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Episode 4: Down-lows of Behavioral Economics in        Policymaking

While social media and big corporate makes effective use of Behavioral Economics, its use and validity in policymaking are in question. The use of Nudge and Prospect Theory by the elected public servants in making policies for the good of the people is a slippery slope that could threaten the freedom and liberty of people at the cost of more effective policies. While the debate has gained prominence in recent times, a discussion on the topic with mentions of  John Stuart Mills, Adam Smith, and numerous prominent economists and philosophers is underway.

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Episode 5: Women in Policymaking and Development

Listen to Ms. Mitali Nikore, Founder of Nikore Associates and a Development Consultant with various multilateral development organizations, Abhishek Sudke, President of Project Statecraft, and Sajusha Ashok, Intern at Project Statecraft talk about issues surrounding women's role in the spheres of policy and development as we celebrate the International Women's Month 2021.

The discussion touches upon concepts and issues including Gender Mainstreaming, Gender Budgeting, Monetizing of Care Work, and broader policy issues surrounding empowerment and development of women.

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Episode 6: Vaccine Diplomacy

With Abhishek Sudke, Shreyas Ashok Kumar, and Sakshi Agarwal, we explore the topic of Vaccine Diplomacy today! Do listen on for our youth view on the issue.

In the modern-day forum of health diplomacy, ‘vaccine diplomacy’ is a term used to describe the branch that is concerned with the use and delivery of vaccines. Given the magnitude of the Covid-19 crisis, the use of Vaccine Diplomacy has gained the limelight with countries like the US, UK, China, India, and Russia, using it to influence soft power relations, increase goodwill, and build on international relations.


Soft power is a political term that connotes a nations’ ability to attract international support and fraternity via means of co-opting and appeals (acts of altruism and goodwill such as helping out fellow nations with vaccine and healthcare supplies), instead of using the force of coercion to achieve this end. India along with many countries are engaged in the same and we will be deep-diving into the nature of India's Vaccine Diplomacy, both externally and internally to the current government.

Stay tuned to our website and social media for the upcoming blog on Vaccine Diplomacy by Sakshi Agarwal.

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