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Public Policy

The public policy team at Project Statecraft is committed to ensuring quality research output in the fields of development, innovation, policy, sustainability and international affairs.

Ready to join the conversation? Reach out to our director, Zeeshan Ali, at , and let's shape the future together.

Read on, because the world of policy just got a whole lot more interesting!

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PSC Editorial and Research Guidebook

Researchers and Editors at Project Statecraft have created a comprehensive guidebook for our members, guest researchers, and all the young research enthusiasts out there.

Public policy Centres


Policy & Governance

The Centre for Policy & Governance (CPG) stands as a flagship centre which is dedicated to exploring and dissecting the intricate spectrum of policies across sectors, ranging from education to healthcare, and industrial to defence.

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Innovation & Sustainability

The Centre for Innovation & Sustainability (CIS) emerges as a pivotal force, that seeks to harness the enthusiasm and intellectual diversity of college students, irrespective of their field, fostering an environment where passion converges with productivity


International Relations

The Centre for International Relations & Strategic Studies (CIR) emerges as torchbearers of this golden era in international affairs, that seeks initiative-laden youth to contribute to our goal of cultivating a contemporary perspective in international relations. 


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The Grid

One Stop for all the research articles by the researchers at Project Statecraft


Stories and reports of youth in policy and development from around the globe.
#Statecraft's Youth Newsletter

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