Neoliberalism and Labor

Neoliberalism is an ideology that espouses for the benefits of a few at the cost of others, which is also what traditional capitalism was, but with a much higher intensity. 

The pre-reform economy was led by the agriculture and manufacturing sectors both in terms of growth and employment, and the contribution of the service sector remained limited. However, post-reform growth for the Indian economy has primarily been led by the service sector without an increase in the share of the sector in employment generation.


Mangoes not Kiwis

Adam Smith argued that countries that have an absolute advantage in the production of a commodity should produce that commodity and import commodities which they do not have an absolute advantage over. David Ricardo took it one step further and argued that even if a country has an absolute advantage over a commodity, it can still benefit from trade as the opportunity cost of production could vary in different countries.

After Independence, the focus was on making India self-reliant and thus several protectionist measures were implemented which prohibited imports, the most important of which was the concept of import substitution.


Evolving dynamics between Israel and the Middle East: Tranquility or Turbulence?

With several clashes, wars, uprisings, and whatnot, the history and recognition of Israel remains
contradictory for different countries, especially the Arabs.

Under the Abraham Accord or Israel-United Arab Emirates Peace agreement, there are hopes for increased security, economic and commercial relations. Along with this, there are also greater chances of renewed relations between the Israeli population and the Palestinians, who have faced decades-long issues.

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