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Divided World

About the Author

Binod Kumar Gogoi is a retired Professor of Political Science, at Digboi College, Assam. He has written several articles and poems, both in Assamese and English dailies in Assam and its neighbouring state of Meghalaya. Born a few years before independence, the author still remembers the tragic incident of Partition and grew up to realize the evil consequences that followed. As the years rolled by, he has come to finally perceive that not only India itself was divided but the whole world is divided on some pretext or the other.

About the Book

It is an honest attempt to trace the ills of mankind so as to find ways and means to iron out the conflicting divisive politics of nations that baffle a tangible solution. It primarily deals with the pressing and intricate issues before mankind at the present moment. Here an attempt has been made in a very objective manner to search for a consensus to find a lasting solution to the vexing issues that so far defy easy solutions in the world.


This book is a comprehensive account of current International issues and intertwines them with International Politics. It encompasses abstract ideas such as Democracy, Balance of Power, Nationalism, and also practical issues such as Trade war, Terrorism, Climate Change etc. It depicts the division existing amongst nations on universal issues. This book isn't a research or factually based stringent thesis but rather a fair overview of these issues and the current situation of the same. Its versatility in accounting for multifarious matters which require global attention, presentation of the author's opinions in an objective way, and rather questioning the subjectivity encircling and persisting around these issues, were some of the aspects that acted as magnets for me to read this book. It could be a wonderful inception in fuelling the intrigue of readers who are curious to explore such political topics and their current scenario from the perspective of the Global community. The author's older profession is visible in the writing as he endeavors to 'teach' the readers about perceiving such issues. The writing doesn't encapsulate political jargon and rather is written in a simple manner, thus widening the book's audience. The author has astonishingly presented his arguments by providing rationality and logic which compel the readers to acknowledge the author's perspective on such international matters.

Conclusively, I would recommend this book to people who are on the verge of exploring relationships between various nations and global issues.

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