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L.I.T. 2021 is a series of events organized by Project Statecraft and Students for Liberty South East Asia Chapter throughout the end of 2020 into early 2021. SFL and PSC aim to capacitate and empower young people in the intersectional fields of technology, policy, and libertarian rights. The events would culminate into the Policy Hackathon organized in early January where the youth will have an opportunity to brainstorm, coordinate, solve problems by creating practical and innovative technology and policy solutions in the growing technology fields of today.

Policy Hackathon Teams

Participants are encouraged to form teams of 2-3 participants with each participant from a different background such that their teams are well balanced to solve the problem statement. Individual participants will be furnished with the option to participate individually or let us pair the individual participants into teams depending on their applications.

Policy HAckathon Themes

  1. Education Technology

  2. Sustainable Technology

  3. Artificial Intelligence

  4. Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies

Participants provide a preference for the themes during registration and each team receives the problem statement from one of the themes on a day before Hackathon. 

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