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4th - 12th August, 2020

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Overview and Goals



Our team will be organizing a nationwide opinion poll to recognize the problems that young people face across the country. The themes we will be focussing on are education, policy, health, development, awareness, and youth engagement. The biggest problems recognized through this poll will be opened up for the young people to solve in our Innovation Challenge.

As part of this challenge, the young people can send their solutions to one of the three most prominent problems that the poll identifies in an easy to fill format. The best innovations from this challenge will be selected and will go on to become a part of the virtual panel discussion between influential leaders, experts, and prominent policymakers on International Youth Day - 12th August.


Our research team will also release policy briefs and working papers on solving these problems through policy in the weeks following the Youth Innovation Challenge.


  • Understanding the youth: Appropriate online tools will be used to efficiently understand the problems that young people are facing across the country.

  • Encouraging youth innovations: Enabling young people with an opportunity to solve the problems that they have identified would nudge them to think and determine solutions.

  • Providing a platform for young innovators: Young people can be encouraged to innovate further by bringing their solutions and innovations to the center stage of discussion and deliberation amongst experts and prominent personalities.

How to become a PSC Youth Innovator

How to become

Identify the Problem

Take a 2 minute poll, and answer the questions to tell us about the biggest problems the collective youth faces in today's community, school or college

Innovate a solution

Send us your most innovative solutions to the  problems identified by the poll in less than 250 words, in our online submission format-

Problem Statement - Idea - Details

Learn from the experts

Attend one of the largest gatherings of young people virtually to learn and interact with most prominent and influential experts and leaders of today, about the problems of tomorrow

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

Participation Certificates:

All the participants of the Youth Innovation Challenge and the Panel Discussion attendees shall receive the certificate of participation.

Merit Certificates:

Innovations and ideas that get selected will receive a commendable mention while their creators receive merit certificates.

Panel Discussion:

All the participants can attend the panel discussion on 12th August and could get a chance to interact with the experts and ask them questions.

4th - 12th August, 2020

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