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Gowtham Srinivas

Caste: A non-factual observational review of caste from the eyes of a Tamil Brahmin Male

It is not utopian.

It’s a long process but we can speed it up. 

Every generation makes vast changes to the society that they take over. The India our parents inherited post-independence is nothing like India today.

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Aditi Hari Ramani

The Identity Crisis of the Muslim Community in India 

The political obligation to uplift the downtrodden, backward and disadvantaged communities of the society has become blurry due to engagement of the political machinery in religion-related and caste-related politics. 

In recent times, the practice of religious extremism within the Indian state has posed a plethora of threats to the secular identity of the world's largest democracy. 

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Shreyas Ashok Kumar

Judicialization in the Wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Judiciary's power is restricted to application and interpretation of existing law and does not extend to creating new legal norms and policies. While this continues to be the case in many countries, others have seen the emergence of creativity in legal judgements and its applications encroach into the creation of new norms and policies. 


Shivangi Singh

Digitizing the Identity of Billions: AADHAR

 The Aadhar program is the world’s largest human identification number scheme, storing in its database the biometric details of over 17.7% of the world population.

With this great power comes greater responsibility for the nation. There have been fierce debates around privacy and security issues revolving around the Aadhar. The challenges regarding the same have been realized in the most bizarre ways, but the issues still persist and risk the data of billions. 

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Nidhi Menon

In Solidarity: The Convergence of Pride and Black Lives Matter in 2020

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Pride and the Stonewall Uprising. While it is a historic event in the fight for LGBTQIA+ equality, activists and communities are now coming together to unite for the Black Lives Matter movement and kick starting conversations on white supremacy, racial inequality and police brutality. 

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Saloni Killedar

Misconstrued Ideas of Gender Identities in the Real World

The TV series of “Friends” beautifully portrays the internal struggles of how gender stereotypes  are deeply entrenched in the society and not adhering to them can have a psychological impact. Therefore, it is essential for the basic concepts to be clear. 

Covid 19


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Abhishek Sudke

A Collectivist Strategy to the COVID Crisis

As the world battles this outbreak and attempts to recover from it, lot of questions remain unanswered. We will attempt to answer these questions, while touching upon policy interventions that would be help our world recover better. 

Blood Test


Vandhana R

The Elephant in the Waiting Room: The Direction of Indian Healthcare Post-COVID

The resilience of healthcare industry isn’t merely contingent on the number of physicians and personnel available in a region, but also upon the nature of the network of healthcare and how it restructures in response to a shock.  As countries have finally begun to recoup and minimise their rates of infection, the foremost question in the minds of policy-makers is how the health industry is going to change, or will it? 

Climate Change Banners


Abhishek Sudke

Inhibiting Climate Change in the Post COVID Era: A Base & Trade System

There is a misunderstanding that this pandemic will lead to an automatic reduction in emissions, thereby, solving the climate crisis. It must be understood that if it takes a global pandemic to reduce the level of emissions, the problem of the climate crisis is far more severe than what we perceive. Collective action through individual support along with corporates, government, and policymakers can fix the current crisis that we face. 



Shivank Singh Chauhan

The Post-Pandemic World Order

A continuation of previous power dynamics or the formation of something new?

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Shivangi Kanaujia

Globalisation in the Times of Coronavirus: A Tussle Between Waning and Growing

The mass-scale threat of COVID - 19 extends beyond the gamete of fear and anxiety and leads to the emergence of new behavioral patterns both at the individual and at the collective level. These new patterns become the catalyst for shifting and reorganization of many theories and practices prevalent in the world of global politics as well.



Shivangi Kanaujia

Covid-19 through the lens of gender

Consequent lockdowns and the prevailing atmosphere of economic instability are not only accelerating the rise in exploitation and discrimination of people with certain sexual orientations but also marks the reversal of most of the gains that these communities have made in the last century. 

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