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Shivank Singh Chauhan

Conflicting Ideals of National Interests and Global Responsibilty

The supreme paradox of foreign policy is that it puts into jeopardy the very moral values which it intends to promote. There can be no successful foreign policy which cannot be justified by the national interest. There can also be no moral foreign policy which is at variance with the national interests.

Climate Change Banners


Abhishek Sudke

Inhibiting Climate Change in the Post COVID Era: A Base & Trade System

There is a misunderstanding that this pandemic will lead to an automatic reduction in emissions, thereby, solving the climate crisis. It must be understood that if it takes a global pandemic to reduce the level of emissions, the problem of the climate crisis is far more severe than what we perceive. Collective action through individual support along with corporates, government, and policymakers can fix the current crisis that we face. 

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Kunal Panda

Assessing the Effectiveness of Online Learning Methods: University of Delhi

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced the education sector to move entirely to an online setting without a warning. Although the teacher quality, course requirements, and material remain identical in an offline and online setting, noticeable differences arise among the two, which are bound to have effects on class participation as well as class performance.

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