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Pulari Meera Baskar



Apoorva Iyer

NEP 2020- A Case for the Dravidian Veto on the Three-Language Formula

Amongst other changes, the National Education Policy 2020 of India proposed the introduction of a 3-Language formula in schools across the country. The NEP states that the mother tongue (i.e. regional language) would be the mode of instruction till the 5th grade, preferably up till the 8th.

On August 3rd, barely three days after the draft of the NEP 2020 was released, Tamil Nadu’s ruling party AIADMK released a statement rejecting the three language formula, and firmly asserted that there would be no deviation from the state’s two-language policy.

Rethinking the India-EU relations in the post COVID-19 era

With the efforts to reform and rebuild the multilateral, rule-based global order, it is indeed a unique situation for India-European Union (EU) as they have the potential to lead these efforts. 

The Prime Minister of India represented the country, while it was EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen and EU Council president Charles Michel who were representatives on the other side at the 15th India-EU Summit in July 2020.

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Varsha Gopal



Apurbaa Sengupta

Tanistha Bhagawati

A Feminist Perspective of International Human Rights: What, How and Why?

The codification of human rights and its acceptance by a significant number of states has enabled the human race to experience new-found security with respect to their civil rights.

As these human rights have been formulated on the basis of experiences of the Western, property-holding male in his life, the international legal community faces a blank wall when faced with the positioning of the gendered subject with respect to gender-specific violations.



Apoorva Iyer

Rise of India in the New World Order

The COVID-19 situation has unsympathetically highlighted political, economic, and social shortcomings and failures of our country, especially when we pride ourselves on being the world’s largest democracy and the fifth-largest economy. 

The current crisis will result in a review of the foreign policy by each country. The question now lies as to what will be the international standing of India in the geopolitics, once the pandemic is over. 

Black Lives Matter: The Movement and its Roots

A 21st century manifestation of the decades-old systematic racial oppression has resurfaced in the United States with a hideous incident that resulted in the death of a 47 year old black man, George Floyd. 

Racial and ethnic discrimination is commonplace in many sectors of the American life, the most predominant being education, employment sector, and healthcare coupled with a general disdain most minorities are met from within the society. 



Shreyas Ernest Isaac  

Aaisha Nehal

Mahatma Gandhi and Feminism

Mahatma Gandhi was a freedom fighter, social reformer, politician, thinker, author, leader, and undoubtedly one of the greatest Indians of the 20th century. The life of Gandhi is an idea, an idea that has bonded this nation together, weaving a diverse tapestry of language, culture, thought and religion. 

If India today is a country where Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Christians, and several other religions find home, it is because of Gandhian ideals. But can we add another feather to his cap? - Feminist? 

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