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Live Community Projects

Youth-led and youth-centric community-based projects and initiatives that enact an on-ground change through meaningful work impacting the communities and people.

Local Policy Network

We organize workshops on 21st Century Skills including Writing, Argumentation, Research, and Negotiations for the youth using virtual platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet. 


Our workshops adopt real-life examples and experiences of people and organizations to communicate openly and teach effectively. 


We organize workshops for research and non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and civil society organizations by using their work as examples and amplifying it to empower the youth.

Reach out to us through our Contact page to collaborate on virtual workshops.

Policy Bootcamp

Policy Bootcamp is a window for young people to understand policymaking and policy analysis at various levels of government in India.


It is a month-long program filled with workshops, activities, simulations, and discussions. At the end of 7 weekends, participants would learn basic policy analysis, understand the considerations behind policymaking, and learn problem-solving. In addition to this, participants learn important skills such as research, writing, and public speaking through the activities.

PSC organizes these boot camps for educational institutions and NGOs looking to enhance the understanding of policy amongst their students or members. Reach out to us through our Contact page to collaborate on Policy Bootcamps.

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We, at Project Statecraft, believe that keeping ourselves dynamic to societal changes and demands of learners across the country and the globe is truly important for our organizational goals.

As part of our dynamic initiative-building plan, we plan to partner with various organizations and institutions to create new and innovative initiatives that help empower the youth.


 We recently partnered with Reap Benefit to create the Local Policy Fellowship Program through which we identified youth from across the country, trained them, and now support them to understand problems at the local government level and attempt to solve them.


Project Statecraft is committed to building innovative initiatives with our partners and providing them with educational and management support for the initiatives. Reach out to us through our contact page!

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