Political Conference


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Abhishek Sudke

A Collectivist Strategy to the COVID Crisis

As the world battles this outbreak and attempts to recover from it, lot of questions remain unanswered. We will attempt to answer these questions, while touching upon policy interventions that would be help our world recover better. 

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Kunal Panda

The Factory of Freedom: Liberalism and the Rule of Law

The advent of pre-capitalist structures in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries created the modern state marked by features of international competition against a common objective of an amalgamated imperialist Empire, the interest in the accumulation of wealth, and population growth and management, which also served as the requisite for the rise of biopolitics. 

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Shreyas Ashok Kumar

Judicialization in the Wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Judiciary's power is restricted to application and interpretation of existing law and does not extend to creating new legal norms and policies. While this continues to be the case in many countries, others have seen the emergence of creativity in legal judgements and its applications encroach into the creation of new norms and policies. 

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