Camel in Desert




Sanaa Munjal

Evolving dynamics between Israel and the Middle East: Tranquility or Turbulence?

With several clashes, wars, uprisings, and whatnot, the history and recognition of Israel remains
contradictory for different countries, especially the Arabs.

Under the Abraham Accord or Israel-United Arab Emirates Peace agreement, there are hopes for increased security, economic and commercial relations. Along with this, there are also greater chances of renewed relations between the Israeli population and the Palestinians, who have faced decades-long issues.


Guillem Carrasco

The Wagner Group Intervention in Syria

Private Military Companies are independent corporations that offer military services (Private Military Contractors) to national governments, international organizations and sub-state actors. 

Wagner PMC or Wagner Group is known to be a key factor for the Kremlin’s interests which have acted in several relevant conflicts such as Ukraine’s Crimea, Syria or Uganda. The so-called Wagner Group, Vagner Group or Wagner PMC is a Russian private military company, supposedly, founded by the former specialist in military intelligence of the GRU
(Department of Intelligence of the Russian Federation) and army officer Dmitry Utkin.