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Saharsh Panjwani

Analysis of the Environmental Impact Assessment Bill, 2020

After severe incidents like the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, one of the most gruesome environmental tragedies in India, the government legislated the framework of laws for the regulation of the activities that affect the existence of natural resources. The Act requires each of the projects seeking development to go through the process of environment clearance test. 

There are multiple benefits as well as loopholes in the present proposed EIA bill, which affects the environment and people of India at large. Many experts and activists termed the 2020 amendment draft of the EIA bill as a ‘regressive departure from the previous version of the Act. 

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Abhishek Sudke

Inhibiting Climate Change in the Post COVID Era: A Base & Trade System

There is a misunderstanding that this pandemic will lead to an automatic reduction in emissions, thereby, solving the climate crisis. It must be understood that if it takes a global pandemic to reduce the level of emissions, the problem of the climate crisis is far more severe than what we perceive. Collective action through individual support along with corporates, government, and policymakers can fix the current crisis that we face. 

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Rohit M

Environment gets

the boot

After 2016, 2020 has become the hottest year in recorded history. Temperatures in the coldest edges of the world rose up by as much as 10-degree Celsius. 

Environmentalists celebrate the disaster for ‘helping’ the natural world, it must be recognized that this is nothing more than an artificial condition, and a very short one at that. 

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